Services offered by The Next Gear:

Film making on any scale, from a tiny production right up to a full movie we can provide a full service.

Editing: We can take any format on any media and turn it into a movie that’s viewable on any device. With a team of people and years of experience The Next Gear team can achieve the look and feel you’d like.

Having Directed everything from short movies, documentaries, commercials, stage plays, drama and sales pitches we can get you a Director with both experience and knowledge of the field you are working in.

Actors: Over the years we have worked with some brilliant actors all of whom are willing and able to take on a wide variety of roles.

Voice over: This is a highly specialist roll, being able to find the right voice to represent your company or industry is vital, we have a team of people who can produce the right accent for what you need. We even have impressionists!

Commercial Consultation: What ever your budget we can find a way for your movie to get produced, a full consultation service is available for you and your needs.

If there’s something you are looking for that isn’t listed above get in touch with us, you’d be surprised what other services we can do for you and your company. Anything is possible if you try hard enough.


This site is dedicated to the car people out there, if you’re thinking of changing your car you should read the reviews that are published here, there’s also videos of most of the cars we drive.

Bob Flavin is the owner, Editor and Director of the web site has been a car nut since being a very young child, as a teenager he could tell what car was coming down the road from the shape of the headlights at night. After an extended stay in the motor trade he was asked to write a review of a new car for a newspaper, he liked it so much he started to review cars for various web sites.

Bob is now the Motoring Correspondent for the Leinster Leader.
From time to time you’ll hear him on the Radio talking about cars and life.

Welcome to the next gear.

If you would like to submit your car for review (any car) then get in touch.  Use the email address to get in touch, or follow me on twitter.


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