New ESB charges for on-street EV power

The ESB has released the pricing for charging your EV at a fast charger point. It’ll be 33 cent per kilowatt hour or you can elect to pay a €5-a-month membership fee to get a discounted rate of 29 cent per kilowatt hour.
To charge a Kia e-Soul from empty to full would cost around 22 Euro for the 64kwh battery. This isn’t something you’ll ever really do as most EV owners change from 20%-80% at the fast charging units.
Kia Ireland has sent their breakdown which is the best explanation I’ve seen so far so I’m publishing that verbatim.

You will save money every year by going electric but bear in mind that none of these numbers take into account the price difference between a BEV and ICE engine which can be considerable.

· These calculations are based on the 64kWh e-Niro battery and the WLTP average range of 455km.
· Some power loss may occur during charging due to heat transfer (especially if the battery is cold).
· My reason for using a 20%-80% battery charge for the calculation is that the DC charge is only up to 80% and most people start this charge at around 20%

On the PAYG (pay as you go) plan;
Charging the battery from 20-80% will cost €12.67
(60% of 64kWh = 38.4kWh so 38.4kWh X €0.33 = €12.67)

That’s €4.64 per 100km
(60% of 455km = 273km so €12.67 / 273km X 100km = €4.64km)

Which is a saving of €2.11 on every 100km compared against a diesel vehicle doing 5L/100km
5L/100km = €1.35 X 5L = €6.75 so €6.75 – €4.64 = €2.11
And a saving of €4.06 on every 100km compared against a petrol vehicle doing 6L/100km.
(6L/100km = €1.45 X 6L = €8.70 so €8.70 – €4.64 = €4.06

On the subscription model;
Charging the battery from 20-80% will cost €11.13
(60% of 64kWh = 38.4kWh so 38.4kWh X €0.29 = €11.13)

That’s €4.08 per 100km
(€11.13 / 273km X 100km = €4.08)

That’s a saving of €2.67 compared to diesel, and compared to a petrol its €4.62
(see calculations for the PAYG plan above)

However ….You have to pay €5 per month on the subscription model so you would need to charge the vehicle from 20% to 80 % more than 3 time per month to make a saving compared to the PAYG model.
(€12.67 – €11.13 = €1.54 saving compared to each charge on PAYG. €5.00 subscription cost / €1.54 = 3.2 )

There is an Introductory offer that provides the membership rate with no monthly subscription for 12 months.
So for the first year, using the subscription plan, you could save €80.08 against the PAYG model; even if you are only charging using the DC charger once per week
(20% to 80% charge X 52 times)
In year 2 that would drop to €20.08 savings as you would have to pay €60 per year on the subscription.

Let’s compare this to charging at home on your AC wallbox;
We’ll assume a cost for home electricity of €0.20 per kWh (This could be a lot less on a night rate)
(So 64kWh battery X €0.20 = €12.80 for 455km)

That’s €2.81 per 100km (that’s over 30% less than using the DC chargers with the subscription plan)
(€12.80 / 455km X 100km)

And….driving 20,000km per year only using your home charger could save you €1178 compared to a petrol vehicle using 6L/100km.
(20,000 / 100 X €2.81 = €562) compared to (20,000 /100 X €8.70 = €1740)