National slow down day should be called pay attention day

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The RSA would have us believe that falling asleep at the wheel requires a TV ad campaign that tells us to sip coffee BEFORE having a snooze. They also spend their time demonising speed and telling us that we need to slow down and lives will be spared.
If speed is the demon that’s responsible for road deaths then why isn’t every driver in Germany dead seeing as they have unlimited speed on the Autobahn?
Speeding only makes the crash bigger, it’s not the only cause for crashes.
By far the biggest problem is distraction, it’s hiding the phone in your lap and sneaking a look at the screen. It’s talking to the person in the back seat, it’s showing off to your friends.
It’s operating far beyond your limits.
I say there’s nothing like a little training, there’s many driving courses to take like Mondello and Rally School Ireland. These courses will teach you car control and understanding why a car behaves differently under braking in the wet and dry.
The RSA could use the money that spent buying in and making ads in Ireland and spend it on training for 5th year classes in School, start the drivers education very early and you’ll head off the problems before they start.
The Gardaí say If you speed this weekend we’ll catch you; note the word “catch” there, what happened to prevent?
Ireland is all about the “catch me if you can” when what we really need is fairness, preventing speeding is a much better attitude.
By the way, you should have a nap first and then the coffee.