7 Popular Ways to Soup Up Your Nissan

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7 Popular Ways to Soup Up Your Nissan


If you own a Nissan, or any other car makes for that matter, it is possible that you are not contented with the car as it is. It could be that you are not really that impressed by its performance or how it looks. If this is the case, not to worry. You can soup up that Nissan of yours to make it be and perform at the level you expect or desire. Here are some of the popular ways to soup up your Nissan.


1. Change Air Filters


You may be surprised to learn that a new air filter could help your Nissan experience a boost in horsepower. When dirt accumulates in your air filter, it hinders sufficient air flow and cause reduction in fuel efficiency. A new high-flow filter can boost power as more air becomes available for combustion. You can find a range of cheap air filters here: buycarparts.co.uk – Nissan.


2. Throw in Spoilers


If you desire to give your Nissan a sportier and faster feel, you should consider lightweight fibreglass rear spoilers. These can be custom-designed to fit your car. Spoilers also enhance the aerodynamic performance of your car.


3. Upgrade Your Steering


Souping up your Nissan may also include an upgrade of your steering wheel. If you desire to give your car a race-car feel, you could try out a smaller steering wheel. You will find it much easier to use compared to the regular ones and also more comfortable for your hands. It is easier to negotiate sharp turns with a smaller steering wheel.


4. Install a Chip


There are performance chips in the market that could help you soup up your Nissan in terms of how well it performs. These chips are commonly found in modern cars and are useful for controlling the efficiency of car engines. They control actions such as automatic transmission, engine timing and fuel injection. A performance chip can significantly boost your Nissan’s power. Already-programmed chips can be bought or you can get a technician to program a new chip for you to improve your car’s performance.


5. Get a New Exhaust System


If your Nissan is not getting enough exhaust out, you may want to soup it up with a new aftermarket high-performance exhaust system. A new exhaust system can help to alter the way your car sounds. It can also improve the power and look of your car.


6. Fit in Racing Seats and Belts


You will do well to consider new seats and belts, if the main reason why you want to soup up your Nissan is to improve its speed. Bucket-like racing seats will not only protect you when driving fast, but also make you feel more comfortable. Sports belts are better options than the regulars if you intend driving above regular speed levels after souping up your Nissan.



7. Do a Paint Job


A custom paint job will be a good way to show that your Nissan has indeed been souped up. A professional painter can do wonders to your car with stripes, metal flakes, flames or whatever designs that appeal to you. And while you’re at it, replace your wiper arms with something more cool.


You can step out of the ordinary by getting your Nissan souped up. It is important not to see improved performance you may notice as a licence for reckless driving speeds, however.