The Suzuki SX4 more than meets the eye



Tested by: Bob Flavin


There hasn’t been much movement from Suzuki in the last couple of years, they have been quietly moving their stock from the showroom onto peoples driveways. Even without a new model they shifted over 600 cars last year which was one of the most difficult year on record. So what does a conservative Japanese company do when it’s time for a new model?





The Suzuki SX4 S-Cross, that’s what. This is really like a crossover but yet a standard car, it’s a 5 door hatch but can be a 4wd with decent ground clearance too. None of this seems to effect the handling, the car stays straight and true while being comfortable over the bumps. The only let down is the steering, it’s got an electro-mechanical feeling that never gives feedback; not that this will bother most people but the more enthusiastic among you will wonder about traction. This light steering does make the car easy to park, parking sensors make it a doddle.


In the cabin there’s great room for people and things, the materials used are very high quality although there is some bits of the dash that you’ll find harder plastic that’s out of reach. Everything you touch is good and easy to use, the control layout is familiar and everything is where it should be.



Suzuki have put in an electronic switch for the 4×4 system, that too is easy to use. You can just leave it in Auto and the car will decide when it needs to activate the system. If you wake up some morning to a coating of snow, you can flick the switch to snow mode and that changes the throttle response and brings the full 4×4 system into operation. The engine has plenty of torque to be able to tow or pull the car out of the muck so it should make a genuinely good companion for the winter months.


The SX4 S-Cross should make it onto the driveways of many people, it deserves some attention because it’s an honest car. There’s a lot more to the SX4 than I can put on these pages, it’s a happy car and it’s the type of car that would suit my family. The room and space in the car is perfect, the engine pulls like a freight train and still manages to return 4.8ltrs per 100kms, you’d never know it’s only a 1.6 diesel but the best part, the price. It starts at €19,995 for the petrol 2wd model which is great value but this being Ireland you’ll want the diesel model and I don’t blame you because it’s brilliant, €23,645 for the same car with diesel and that’s a really good price.


So there’s no reason not to look at the SX4, whether you need a tall hatchback or a 4×4 it seems to suit. So hop along to your local dealer and have a test drive in the SX4 because it’s a really decent car and good value too.