Want to make Supercars worried? You need the Audi A6 bi-turbo…DIESEL!


Tested by: Bob Flavin

What happens when a car company get it right? Saying right I mean the exterior and interior design, driving dynamics, engine design and every other bit of the million parts to go into making a car. The Audi A6 bi turbo with quattro, that’s what happens and here’s why.




There’s a 3.0ltr diesel under the bonnet that puts out 313hp and a simply bone crushing 650nm of torque but steadying the ship is the quattro system. This all wheel drive allows you to mash your right foot into the carpet at any time and the car will begin it’s job of pulling the tarmac off the road. The big plus, it sounds like a V8. It really does sound like a big petrol engine, it burbles and grumbles through town and then when you put your foot down it sounds like a God clearing his throat after a night on the town.


It’s not all show though, you would really have to be in something exotic to keep up with the A6. There’s a huge amount of performance, it feels like a sports car when it’s in dynamic mode and while you’re listening to the soundtrack under the bonnet you’ll have a huge grin on your face as you pass licence loosing speed, and you’ll do this because there’s no perception of speed from in the cabin. That’s the way the big German cars are, because of the Autobahn the Germans know how to cover ground at speed in the cars they make, that’s why they feel so solid. Cover ground is something the A6 specialises in with a 0-100kph of 5.1secs and even I can do that time without trying to hard.


Still it’s a 5 seat saloon with a big boot and that’s where it wins in this spec because it’s a sleeper car. That’s the kind of car that from the outside looks just like the normal A6 but hidden away is a big fat supercar killing engine. So when you pull up to a traffic light and someone wants to get away first just hit dynamic mode and you’ll leave everything standing and you’ll still get 6ltrs per 100kms when you’re not being stupid with the go pedal.


All the sports car stuff aside, the A6 is a big, practical saloon that you’ll be happy driving around the country in. The standard FWD 2.0TDi is a good solid car but it really only looks like the A6 I’m in and that’s where the similarity ends. The 3.0 bi turbo is much closer to the S6 in terms of performance.


As always with Audi the options list is long but in this case the standard list is also long with 19” alloys, bluetooth, Xenon lights, S-line seats, drive select, twin exhausts and lots more as standard. There’s some options I’d say you should look at MMI Sat nav, quattro with sports diff, reversing camera with 360 birds eye (Don’t ask just get it, it’s brilliant)


The A6 bi turbo is one of the best cars I’ve ever driven, it can do anything, go anywhere and be anything. It’s perfect engineering meets an already great car. The A6 range starts at €44,190 and my test car with all the options totalling €14,438 comes in at €85,758 in tax band D.