Leasing for business – why the BMW 330d xDrive M Sport is great for business



The BMW 330d xDrive M Sport saloon is great for business thanks to its impressive fuel economy – 57.6mpg; manufacturer’s quoted combined – and low emissions at 129g/km of CO2. But it’s also great for the employee that gets to drive it thanks to some pretty impressive performance figures, including a to-62mph dash of just 5.6 seconds. That’s fast in anyone’s book!
BMW has long been one of the leaders in power partnered with economy – especially when it comes to diesel cars – and every time the German brand launches a new engine the critical figures for economy always go in the right direction. Up! And still, performance never suffers, with the newest BMW turbodiesel engines making more and more smooth and accessible power with every evolution. This is one of the main reasons that BMW’s fleet-focused cars continue to do very well for the brand. A BMW is also something to be proud of, with drivers happy to park one of Germanic go-getters on their driveway. But this 330d xDrive M Sport saloon is really something else.
It’s powered by a 3-litre, 6-cylinder diesel engine that makes a full-fat 258bhp, as well as mountains of turbocharger-backed torque for effortless overtaking; the perfect partner for those business users that spend many hours on the busy British motorway network. And, thanks to BMW’s trademark quick driving dynamics, when the working week is done, your favourite back lanes beckon for a bit of driving-just-for-fun.
Coupled to the potent 3-litre engine is a latest-tech, 8-speed automatic gearbox that shifts to the higher gears as quickly and smoothly as possible on a mission to save you fuel. Unless you tell it otherwise by flicking the Sport+ control, which sharpens the throttle response and locks the gearbox into a more racy mode where it will hold the engine revs longer to keep you in the biggest powerband. In this mode you can really stretch the engine’s power-legs. It’s this cunningly engineered combination of frugal-when-you-want or fast-when-you-want technology that turns the BMW 330d xDrive M Sport saloon from a cruising pussycat into a roaring lion.
With the Sport+ mode selected, the driver can take control of the gear changes too, via paddles mounted behind the steering wheel; flicking forward and backwards to select the ratio of choice. These motorsport-style gear changes make for a much more involving drive, and if the car is fitted with the optional Adaptive M suspension system, this will be stiffened for quicker and more responsive handling when Sport+ mode is engaged. The Adaptive M suspension is quite an expensive option, however.
The towards-the-top-of-the-range BMW 330d xDrive model is not only impressive from a performance and economy point of view, it also gets some very sporty-looking body styling, large and lightweight alloy wheels and a general sharpening of aggression all-round. Inside too it’s a treat for the driver with plenty of leather, digital climate control and a sports steering wheel. All of this BMW good stuff does come at a premium, of course, but there are other high-performing BMW 3 Series models in the range that offer much of the excellence of the 330d xDrive – take a look at some BMW 3 Series contract hire and leasing offers here.
The 330d xDrive is a benchmark-setting, fleet-focused car from BMW, and surely one of the highest achievers in terms of excitement matched with economy. And that’s no mean feat.