Top 5 Most Popular BMW’s In The UK

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What are the most popular BMWs in the UK at the moment? The German manufacturer, which also owns MINI and Rolls-Royce, has long had a strong presence in the UK market, with 127,530 models sold in 2012 alone. BMW also operate engine part plants in Hams Hall, and produce MINIs in Oxford. The past few years have also seen BMW build on its reputation for quality servicing and financing packages for drivers, with authorised dealerships like Cooper BMW providing the best parts and approved used cars for drivers.  2012 BMW sales were up by 7.23 per cent, with success depending on the performance of long term models like the 1, 3 and 5 Series, as well as by the 6 Series Coupe and the X3. Why can these BMW models be considered some of the most popular examples of the brand within the UK?

1 – BMW 1 Series Sports Hatch

As the entry level model for BMW owners, the 1 Series has a reputation for compact but high performance driving, as well as for fuel efficiency. Sales of the 1 Series Sport Hatch rounded out at about 23,000 in 2012, with its 5 seater version being particularly popular. The current 1 Series model is distinguished by its four cylinder petrol engines, BMW TwinPower system, and by its 116d Efficient Dynamics diesel variants.

2 – BMW 3 Series Saloon

The 3 Series saloon is one of the most successful BMW models of all time, with Sport, Luxury and Modern trims available, as well as M Sport editions. The saloon and touring versions of the 3 Series are typically strong sellers, with six cylinder petrol engines capable of delivering a low road tax CO2 emission rate of 186 g/km, while achieving a mileage of 35.8 mpg. Upgrades for 3 Series models include leather upholstery and chrome accents.

3 – BMW X3

This high powered BMW benefits from ConnectedDrive and Heads Up Display features, and is one of the best BMWs for customisation and feature upgrades. Straight six-cylinder diesel engines can provide an impressive 258 hp with turbocharging, while four cylinder diesel engines can offer more fuel economy. The X3 will also be joined by an upgraded BMW X5 for the end of 2013, which is expected to include new headlights, and the latest version of BMW’s iDrive system.

4 – BMW 5 Series Saloon

A favourite for company car drivers, the BMW 5 Series Saloon is also effective in Touring and Gran Turismo models as one of the most fuel efficient and powerful luxury cars on the road. The 5 Series balances handling with engine performance and relatively low running costs for its size, with high powered M5 versions also available. The 520d ED is particularly popular for drivers looking to cut their emissions, possessing a CO2 output of 119 g/km, and a mileage of 63 mpg.

5 – BMW 6 Series

Sales of the 6 Series, distinguished by its Coupes, Gran Coupes, and Convertible models, have demonstrated how the luxury car market continues to perform in spite of the recession. The 6 Series’ V shaped lines, eight and six cylinder petrol engines and fuel saving diesels make them one of the most versatile BMW models, with the most recent F12 and F13 models proving popular as executive coupes.

Author Bio: Sarah is a freelance writer with a keen interest in statistical analysis.  She is currently working in conjunction with Cooper BMW to raise awareness of their many BMW dealerships up and down the UK. Sarah can be found either researching leading brands development or sharing what she’s discovered online.