How will you decide to sell your Audi A3?


We all know that people buy and sell cars all the time, but if you currently have an Audi A3 hatchback that you are looking to pass on, how will you decide to do so? With such an auto, there is likely to be a good deal of demand, partly because of its great looks and partly due to the fine German engineering that helped to build it in the first place, so what will you do?

You could perhaps place a small ad in the local newspaper. After all, at one time this was the best way to reach out to potential buyers in the neighbourhood. But what if it just happens to be the case that no-one nearby is looking for an Audi at that particular time? There is every chance that the ad will simply go unnoticed and will end up failing altogether.

Another option would be to list details of the car and leave them in the window of the local newspaper shop or post office. This is a cheap tactic, of course, but it can be a rather hit and miss affair. You may get lucky, but the statistics are hardly likely to be in your favour. And if it doesn’t sell, how long do you leave the ad in the window before you take it down?

Is window shopping the best option?

In recent times, many sellers have chosen to park their car in a prominent place and leave a ‘For Sale’ sign in the window. This can prove to be a success, but again it may be a somewhat haphazard course of action. You may decide in the end to give up on this tactic, especially if you don’t even get an enquiry or two over the phone during this period.

If you are one of those people who are yet to embrace the many wonders of the Internet, you should think about breaking your duck when you try to sell your Audi. Placing a listing online will expose details of the car to an audience far larger than you could ever have imagined, and there is every likelihood that you will end up pleasantly surprised at the reaction you get.

The fact is that the worldwide web is in effect the largest and busiest market-place we have ever had. And if you’re not making the most of its availability you could be making the whole sale process far more complex than it needs to be.