BMW 640 Grand Coupe

BMW 640 GC






I often wondered if it was possible to mix a luxury car with a sports car, sure there’s all

kinds of cars that do this but most of them are somewhere in the middle, they aren’t

really a proper sports car. Somewhere in BMW this thought must have struck a designer

because what they have done is make what should be an executive limousine and put a

proper track focused car under the luxury body.


From the outside it looks like a four door version of the 640d and I thought BMW had just

added some doors and left it at that but no. The whole dynamic of the car has changed

underneath, it doesn’t feel anything like the two door version, it just feels like the most

completely finished car in the world.


The experience of sitting behind the wheel is special, everything has been thought out in

a way that only a German engineer does, all the controls fall to hand and even things like

the little cameras that let you look around corners are brilliant because the nose of the car

is so long the camera gives you a view even at a blind junction. The comfy seats hug you

and you can adjust them to hug you even more if you’re in need of a little comforting.

It is a hugely comfortable four seat car but you can have five in it, the boot will carry

anything and I do mean anything, it’s so deep and the lid opens wide, of course you don’t

have to touch the lid; you wouldn’t want to get your hands dirty. Adaptive cruise control

does most of the hard work on the motorway, if it sees a car moving slower than you it

slows down to match the speed until you are ready to overtake and then when the road is

clear it’ll speed back up to the limit you set; all you have to do is steer.


Speaking of speeding up, that engine…well…it’s butter, not just ordinary butter but that

really expensive butter made by a bespoke butter maker. It grumbles and growls when

you’re not pushing it. Then, when you mash your foot into the deep pile carpet it bellows

and fills the cabin with a sound that will shake you too your toes. It’s addictive, passionate

and overwhelming. It would be the sounds from the bedroom of Thor on a Saturday night

after a few beers, glorious.


While there isn’t a down side to the 640 Grand Coupe, there is however the price; it’ll set

you back well over €100 grand. While that’s a lot of money in anyone’s book, it’ll be the

only car you’ll ever want to drive, own or live in. I promise you, after you drive it nothing

else will quite come as close to perfection.