Before the rains come, advice from the IAMI

Some preparatory advice from The Institute of Advanced Motorists of Ireland Limited


With the fantastic weather check the road surface for tyre marks on the approach, through the arc of the turn and on the exit, where more rubber will be laid down due to the hot weather. These deposits will build up and remain there until the next shower of rain – and then the ‘fun’ starts.


Common Braking Areas


These areas are where we all brake on the approach to say a Junction, a set of Traffic Lights, entry to a Roundabout or any common place where vehicular traffic reduce speed by braking.


Common Cornering Areas


These areas include actual corners and bends, but also the arc taken by us all in turning left or right off a roadway or negotiating a roundabout.


Common Accelerating Areas


Having negotiated the junction or roundabout, the area where we normally apply acceleration can also hold deposits, which can reduce our tyre grip once we load the tyre under acceleration.


Together with other deposits, brake dust, oil and diesel overspill, these areas will carry a greater risk of skidding on the first shower of rain.


Prepare by:


  • Know where these conditions exist: junctions, entry/exit to roundabouts and garages, construction sites, quarries and any road area where traffic turns in and exits.
  • Extending your braking zone on the approach to the risk area identified
  • Decelerate earlier
  • Then brake smoothly, (On gently, firm up and off gently)
  • Apply gentle steering and delicate acceleration through the arc of the turn. Keep vision as far ahead as is practical – this will avoid ‘Fifty-pencing’ through the turn
  • And then increase acceleration smoothly on the exit.


A huge amount of collisions occur at these intersections where drivers do the ‘normal’, but get caught out by the reduction in grip – Remember water and rubber are a bad mix as are oil & diesel with water.


Drive Wise and ArriveSafe!!