Insuring Your High Performance Car


Insurance can be costly at the best of times. But when your beloved vehicle is a super high performance car, your insurance premiums will most likely be through the roof. This is because high performance cars require insurance which is much more specialised than that for a normal vehicle, and usually includes policies which are specifically designed to meet both your needs, and the unique needs of your car.

It’s important for any driver to be able to access competitive insurance. But because performance car insurance costs can be so high, it’s even more important for the owners of such vehicles to be able to find insurance which fulfils all requirements, without costing the earth.

Why is Insurance so Costly for High Performance Cars?

Your performance car’s specifications will most likely outstrip those of most other road vehicles. The Motor Insurance Repair Research Centre will consider both acceleration and top speed when they make car insurance group recommendations. This means that, even if you have a lengthy and unblemished driving record, your high performance car will still land you in one of the top insurance bands.

In addition, performance cars are much more likely to be targeted by professional thieves. For this reason, you should always make sure that your car is adequately protected against theft, both in terms of the security measures you take and the insurance cover you take out. And if anything unforeseen were to happen to your car which meant it needed repairs, you will most likely find that you need to source specialist parts. High performance car insurance is specifically designed to help you deal with the high costs of repairing and maintaining a high performance vehicle.

How Can High Performance Car Insurance be Lowered?

Just as with any type of vehicle, insurance costs for high performance cars can be managed, to a certain extent. Finding a competitive, experienced provider is a good start. If you’re currently looking for high performance car insurance, it might be worth visiting for a fast, free quote.

To help keep the costs of insurance on your high performance vehicle as low as possible, there are several pro-active steps which you can take:

  • Keep modifications to a minimum, or in keeping with the original design of your vehicle.
  • Find a good provider and compare quotes.
  •  Invest in security measures and store your car out of sight.
  • Drive responsibly.