5 of the safest cars in the UK







When it comes to buying a family car, safety is paramount, but it’s not always clear which cars offer occupants the best protection. Luckily, the European New Car Assessment Programme puts all new cars through rigorous safety tests, giving you all the information you need. Here are some of the Euro NCAP’s favourite vehicles and some of safest cars available in the UK.


Volvo V40


Voted the safest car for 2013 by carbuyer.co.uk, the V40 stands proudly above its competition, so it’s not surprising that it comes from the safety experts over at Volvo.

It’s the darling of the European New Car Assessment Programme, who can’t give this car enough praise. Its test scores were more than impressive, achieving near perfection for adult protection at 98% and fully perfect score of 100% for Safety Assist. Pedestrians also get added protection from the new ‘pedestrian airbag’, which can help prevent serious head and acquired brain injuries in the event of a collision.

It scored well in all other areas too, getting an overall score of 88%


BMW 5 Series saloon


As the most expensive car on the list, the BMW 5 Series is the perfect large family car for those that want to drive with a little style.

When it went through safety tests back in 2010, it impressed Euro NCAP with its adult protection scores, though faired a little less well when it came to pedestrian protection. It also comes with a speed limiter as an optional extra, which adds to its Safety Assist score, though it isn’t standard.


Hyundai Santa Fe SUV


It has the space and it has the size, so by logic it should have the safety too. In this case, the logic is not disproved. Well, at least for the occupants.

The Hyundai Santa Fe scored a very high 96% for adult occupant protection and slightly less for children, at 89%. Unfortunately, since this is a rather large vehicle, it scored quite poorly in pedestrian protection, at 71%. It also comes with electronic stability control and seatbelt reminders as standard.


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Renault Clio hatchback


For those of you that like your cars a little smaller, the Renault Clio hatchback fared the best out of all the smaller vehicles. In fact, it gives some of the larger cars a run for their money.

It scored a very impressive 99% for its comprehensive safety technology, along with a not unimpressive 88% in its adult occupancy test. Unfortunately, despite being a smaller car, it scored poorly when it came to pedestrian safety, even more so than the Hyundai. It came out with a disappointing 66%, due to the shape being more likely to cause head and brain injuries if an accident were to occur.


Mitsubishi Outlander SUV


As you’d probably expect from a Japanese design, the Mitsubishi Outlander makes it into the list due to its impressive list of safety technology features.  It comes with electronic stability control, seatbelt reminders and driver-set speed limitation as standard, which combined got it a score of 100% in the safety assist category.

Not only that, but it also impressed Euro NCAP with a solid passenger compartment, scoring it 94% for adult safety occupancy. Though again, like so many cars on this list, it was let down by its pedestrian safety score of 64%.