How to raise money for the Mongol Rally


Your Nissan Micra or other suitably inappropriate vehicle is ready and you’ve summoned up your sense of adventure. To get to the starting line for this year’s Mongol Rally, you now just need to raise the entrance fee and charity donation – and this starter guide should help you on your way.


An epic – and crazy – adventure


The Mongol Rally is a unique rally in which participants aim to get 1.2 litres cars and 125cc motorcycles 10,000 miles from the UK to Mongolia. If you’re in one of the 250–300 teams expected to take part this year, you need to raise at least £1,000 for charity plus £980 for your entrance fee and enough for your costs.


Get organised and get online


Once you have chosen whether to raise £1,000 for the Official Rally Charity or to give them half and the other half to another charity, my advice is to set up a JustGiving web page that lets people know who you are and what you hope to achieve. Once you’ve done that you can create a Facebook page and Twitter account for your team so you can post regular updates and tweets to all your potential sponsors.


Shameless self-promotion


If you’re serious about raising shed loads of cash, you need to master the art of shameless self-promotion: you will have to attract lots of attention if you’re going to persuade people to part with their money and sponsor your adventure.


As well using social media to spread your message, it’s advisable to contact your local media, who are usually very happy to make a news item out of such missions. After the initial story, keep their interest by arranging newsworthy events or stunts as well as sending regular updates about your progress.


Friends and family


Friends and family are always a reliable source of funds. Get your Christmas card list out and call, write, text, email or Facebook everyone on it and you’ll be amazed how much you raise.


Give people a good time


People are always more willing to open their wallets if they’re promised some fun doing it. Hire venues and put on fund-raising events then, when the drinks are flowing, make sure your fundraising buckets are close at hand.


Flog your possessions


Surveys vary in their estimates for the value of the unwanted stuff each and every one of us has in our homes, but some suggest averages of over £3,000! Clothes are the prime example: many of us have wardrobes full of things we never wear. Yet, these are among the easiest things to sell.


Use these ideas and any others you can come up with – the more unusual the better – and you’ll soon be on your way to Ulan Bator!






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