Opel launches the Adam Ireland



Opel have been busy little bees, quietly working away on new models and now they seem ready to get them on the streets. The first of those is the Adam, it’s a small three door car that comes with some many different versions it would make a dealer cry, by this I mean there’s many colour choices and even more interior options; you can even have a starry, LED headliner.

The car its self is a very decent offering, it feels tough and very well built. It seems well thought out too, there’s plenty of cubby holes and a decent sized boot for the footprint of the car. It’s the options list that really sets this car apart from the competition with over 60,000 exterior combinations and 80,000 interior combinations, ADAM offers a unique level of personalization that no other car in its class can offer. Rather than offering conventional trim hierarchies, the ADAM caters to your lifestyle with JAM kicking off the range, GLAM for the more stylish offering and SLAM topping the range, there is a car in the range that can be built just for you.



Opel have also put in lots of tech, you can stream music using various apps on your phone, there’s also BringGo navigation can be downloaded from the Google play and Apple App store to smartphones for affordable navigation. The data remains installed on the phone, which means ADAM owners can avoid paying any roaming fees while driving abroad because a separate broadband connection is not required. Whats more you can have Siri Eyes free for voice control while you drive, it acts just like Siri on the iPhone but you can use it from the steering wheel to do all these:

  • Voice-activated, hands-free calls to contacts stored on the iPhone
  • Access to music in the iTunes library of the iPhone
  • Listening to, composing and sending an iMessage or text message or email to a phone number or anyone saved under Contacts
  • Listening to incoming notifications, including Social Media
  • Access to calendar information reminders and the ability to add appointments – all through Siri.

While the 1.4 petrol unit won’t win any races being 100ps you’ll still find that it’s comfortable everywhere, around town is peppy but it’s just as nice at speed.

Prices range from €14,995 for ADAM Jam, €16,995 for ADAM Glam or Slam.


The new model can be configured online when you log onto; www.opel.ie  before it arrives at the Opel Ireland’s dealerships.

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