Just how law-abiding are British road users?

Data compiled by motor insurance specialist Quote Me Today has exposed the extent to which British drivers are prepared to break the rules of the road.

In the infographic below, Quote Me Today showed that, while car thefts and dangerous driving offences have reduced significantly in recent years, there is still plenty for the British motoring community to be ashamed of.

Around 1.2million vehicles are driven uninsured, which is a criminal act. Only 150,000 were seized for being uninsured in 2011, meaning that almost 90% of that particular brand of lawbreaker is likely to still be on the road.

The UK is one of Europe’s worst offenders when it comes to uninsured driving, with 5% of cars on British roads thought to be illegal.

Three-hundred thousand drivers were prosecuted in 2011, but it isn’t just car insurance that they flaunt the rules with. In 2008/09, an incredible £87,368,227 was paid by UK motorists in speeding and red light offences caught on the country’s ubiquitous road cameras.


More info on http://www.quotemetoday.co.uk/infographics/infographic-journey-through-the-facts/