Top selling cars in Ireland



You don’t need to be a genius to see that the Irish economy is in trouble. However, people are still buying luxury items like electrical appliances and cars, whether out of necessity or because they want to treat themselves. As you might expect, sensible models are among the most popular with most of the near-90,000 sold being in the two lowest tax bands.

The biggest seller in recent years in the Irish market is the Ford Focus, and it’s hard not to see why. Sensible, fuel-efficient, spacious, comfortable and smooth to ride – the Focus has everything a frugal motorist would want. Over 4,000 were sold in 2011 alone, and it seems likely that the 2012 figures are likely to remain around that level.

While many being sold are new, some drivers are opting to buy a used ford focus from sites like vcars, tempted by the lower price tag and the fact that there are few differences between older and newer models. Used cars tend to be more popular in Ireland due to lower costs and because they make for better replacements than new models. However, this popular hatchback wasn’t the only model to find favour with Irish motorists.

Second on the list of 2011 bestsellers was the equally-sensible Volkswagen Golf, which has many of the same attributes as the Focus. The Toyota Avensis was a surprising name on the list, but the diesel model proved popular among thrifty motorists looking to vastly reduce their fuel costs. A variety of diesel cars feature on the bestsellers list.

Elsewhere, city cars including the Ford Fiesta were revealed to be among the most popular models in Ireland, as they’re even cheaper to run than hatchbacks and are ideal for small families. The Renault Megane was another fixture in the top ten, although it sold significantly less than the Focus et al. a surprise name on the list was the Nissan Qashqai, an off-road vehicle.