The Benefits of 4×4’s When Working Outdoors

Although the 4×4 has become a common sight on urban roads, this class of vehicle has traditionally been an important tool in a number of working activities. The extra levels of control that 4x4s (or All Terrain Vehicles) offer when it comes to jobs that involve working outdoors can make all the difference between success and failure.


From the Ministry of Defence to the BBC, many companies rely on these vehicles to complete daily tasks. Even local authorities and the emergency services depend on 4×4 vehicles for some of their activities.




Vehicles fitted with four-wheel drive capabilities are intended for use in challenging environments. When it comes to outdoor pursuits there are a number of conditions that can be encountered which a two-wheel drive vehicle simply cannot cope with.




Any kind of terrain that presents slippery, wet or excessively muddy surfaces can often prove too great a challenge for a more traditional road vehicle. Lack of traction is likely to cause loss of control, leading to skidding and potentially resulting in an accident.


The additional stability provided by a four-wheel drive vehicle is therefore an obvious benefit which ensures a safe and stable drive, irrespective of the terrain.




Outdoor work that relies on access being gained to a location away from a road can prove difficult at the best of times. Whether it is energy company employees attempting to repair remote equipment or telecommunications technicians maintaining network functionality, 4x4s often provide the means to reach hard-to-reach locations.


Enjoyment and safety


‘Working’ doesn’t have to be restricted to paid employment; many outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing and camping can also include the desire to visit reasonably inaccessible areas.


In all of these cases the design and construction of off-road vehicles is specifically aimed at ensuring the safety of the occupants, as well as ensuring journeys and tasks can be undertaken simply and easily with the minimum of fuss.


Buying 4×4 vehicles


For those interested in the benefits provided by these vehicles, investing in a 4×4 is a logical step. Versatile enough to cope with both rural and urban terrains, it is important that you consider the type of use your 4×4 is likely to get before making your decision.


Chinese manufacturers Great Wall have a range of 4×4 trucks that are not only superior to many competitors in terms of construction and reliability, but also offer high spec standards of comfort and safety as standard. Having shown themselves to be reliable in some of the toughest environments on the planet, Great Wall vehicles achieved a notable sixth place in 2012 in the celebrated Dakar Rally.


Of course, most uses for 4x4s in the UK will not cover the range of potential problems that a desert rally will present. However, this doesn’t mean that they aren’t capable of achieving results in many other challenging work tasks.