Alfa Romeo Giulietta Gains Fans in Ireland


The Alfa Romeo Giulietta is a sleek vehicle with a racing-inspired (but comfortable) interior, and a sophisticated exterior that will make neighbours and friends take notice. Nominated for European Car of the Year 2011 and finishing as first runner-up, the Romeo Giulietta is great for families, but sporty enough to avoid being stereotyped as a boring family vehicle. In fact, that notion couldn’t be further from the truth, and the history of the Giulietta is important to note, as the vehicle has a stylistic and manufacturing connection to its coupe-roadster past.


For those under a certain age, it’s worth noting that the name ‘Alfa Romeo Giulietta’ comes from an iconic Italian automobile that was built by the same manufacturer (which is now a part of Fiat, and by extension, Chrysler) in the 1950s and has never lost its luster. Like that vehicle, which was associated with exciting styling and great maneuverability, this latest Alfa Romeo Giulietta hearkens back to its coupe-cool beginnings, and includes both five-door hatchback and two-door versions as part of its range of internationally-acclaimed automobiles.


The Alfa Romeo Giulietta is poised to be a hit in Ireland given its success with automobile reviews around the world and, more importantly, with European drivers. One leading European automotive website suggests the Romeo Giulietta is one of the top cars in its class, writing, ‘(The Alfa Romeo Giulietta is) capable of expressing both great agility over the most demanding routes and providing comfort on everyday roads. This is thanks to the new “Compact” architecture which, thanks to the refined technical solutions employed for the suspension, the dual pinion active steering, the fine materials used and the manufacturing technologies implemented, allows the Giulietta to achieve excellent levels both in terms of on-board comfort as well as its dynamic and safety features’.


But what about the heart of the Alfa Romeo Giulietta, the engine? There are six different engines to choose from – petrol and diesel – including the 1.4 TB MultiAir, which has been named Best New Engine and sets efficiency standards, reducing fuel consumption and emissions by 10 percent over previous versions. And safety? The Alfa Romeo Giulietta didn’t finish second in European Car of the Year 2011 for no reason – it’s an all-around performer, earning a 5-star rating and receiving the highest safety score in its class from the safety board, Euro NCAP.

The Giulietta has an exciting past, present and future, and CEO Sergio Marchionne continues to be bullish on the car, telling CAR magazine that the 2014 four-door version will compete with similar-size cars from Audi and BMW; a five-door sportswagon will follow. CAR notes that the 2014 Alfa Romeo Giulietta will ‘be based on the Fiat Group’s front- and four-wheel drive “compact wide” architecture, a platform derived from the Giulietta’s, powered by petrol and diesel engines stretching from 1.6 to 3.6 litres in capacity and bristling with technology.’


As always when buying a new car the future valuation is likely to be an important consideration so when you sell your car you can get a strong value for it. Alfa Romeos as a brand have had mixed fortunes when it comes to resale values; models such as the MiTo have held up well in recent years with the Alfa Romeo 159 performing less well. With this being a new model the potential resale value is difficult to predict but one thing’s for sure it will be a fun ride until you come to upgrade.


Fortunately, buyers in Ireland need not wait – the current Alfa Romeo Giulietta is just as exciting, with a reputation that will only be enhanced as the company plans to pour added time and money into the iconic brand.