The new Volkswagen Golf 7 not to be missed


The Golf has always been the thinking mans’ hatchback, over the years it’s evolved to be not only one of the world’s best selling cars but also the benchmark for the hatchback segment. There is no other car that quite pulls all the ingredients needed for making a good car together in quite the same way. You could say VW have used the top chefs to make the car just that little bit better with every generation, a little Marco Perrier White for the five door diesel. Gordon Ramsey takes the petrol version and Jamie Oliver brings on the GTI. There’s nothing the Golf can’t do, a trip to the shops can be as exciting as a lap of the track and you can fit five adults in with a boot load of stuff.


Now there’s another new one, have VW got it wrong? In a word, no.


What they’ve done is pull together all the best points of the golf over the years and pack them all into a subtly styled exterior, it’s the car every car makers wish they had.

Over the years of testing different versions of the Golf I’ve never been able to explain what it is that the Golf has that makes me happy to drive it anytime. It’s a mix of really decent engineering, tough looks and badge appeal. The Golf fits in everywhere; you can just as easily turn up outside a private school as you can at the local barn dance because the Golf fits right in.


The new one is no different, it still has the badge and the style but they have made everything a little bit better. This car was never going to be a revolution, it was always about evolution they have made it lighter in all the ways that matter, even the engine has been lightened and mounted differently from previous versions. The reason they’ve done this is simple, modular design. The new CQB platform has allowed VW group the ability to make parts for the group that they can all dive into thus making the cars more affordable while at the same time higher quality, the new Golf will start at €19,995 making it one of the most affordable hatch backs on the market.

VW have been clever with the new design, they have done enough to make the car a desirable product while still making it recognisable as a Golf, a fact that was mentioned in the press conference; you should know it’s a Golf from 200 meters.


Where things have changed is the interior, it feels bigger in there. There’s more elbow and shoulder room in every seat, there’s even more leg room for all passengers. The boot has some clever bits too; the luggage cover lifts out and can be stowed under the floor cover. There’s also the optional tow hitch that has a handle in the boot to stow the hitch away, it’s invisible but still attached to the car and no tools are required.


On the road the new Golf is everything you expect from a Golf, it’s quiet and refined and when you push it there’s loads of grip and handling. Some of that is thanks to the electronic slip differential that’s now standard.

The new Golf 7 goes on sale very soon, you’ll see it in showrooms within the month and first deliveries will be January. VW are now offering a 3 year warranty on all cars from January 2013 and with Volkswagen finance in place offering some brilliant interest rates there’s never been a better time to give the new Golf a go.


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