More floorfillers for the Paris Motor Show courtesy of the new Citroen DS3 Cabrio

It’s a Cabrio that retains all the benefits of the hatchback, it still has boot space and seats all passengers without compromise. Citroén’s soon to be launched DS3 Cabrio has a soft top much like that of the 2CV, its not a full roof which needs to be stowed away into some vital passenger or storage space, it just simply folds up neatly somewhere of the backend; neat.

Citroen lists one of the benefits of this roof system is the fact it can be operated at motorway speeds, which sounds more like a challenge than a useful function, it is also promoted to be the only adult five seater in its class and, will have the largest boot for a cabrio in its class, now that’s just fighting talk!

Customers will have a choice of colours and styles for the roof along with a choice of seven body colours. It’s only 25kg heavier than the hatchback version which is pretty good as cabrios can be up to three times heavier than their solid roof stable mate, good news for economy and emissions.

The DS3 cabrio is expected to be launched here in the early part of 2013, more details will be released at the time of the motor show from 27th September 2012.

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