New Mazda 6 goes on show at the Moscow Motor Show. And looks great!

Mazda has revealed its latest Mazda 6 at the 2012 Moscow Motor Show. With sales of cars in Russia now been taken seriously by car makers it makes a lot of sense for struggling Mazda to launch there and capture some of the new growing market.

And this new 6 looks like it could do the business. It’s designed with Mazda’s ‘KODO – Soul of Motion’ design language, which seems to have created a buzz in the Mazda design room. First the CX5, now this. What’s going on?

“We have created a design in which the wild and dynamic expressions of motion artistically realise a powerful presence.  Simply looking at the car heightens one’s expectations about the driving experience even before actually riding in it.”

Information on engine variations haven’t been released for Ireland but most likely it’s the SKYACTIV kit already seen in the CX5.

Making its debut on the new Mazda 6 is I-ELOOP, a capacitor which stores electricity generated by regenerative braking and then uses it to power electrical components inside the vehicle. This in turn will save fuel by not using engine power to generate electricity on demand.

“Drawing on the full potential of both SKYACTIV technology and KODO design, the Mazda6 aims to take the “joy of driving” to a new level. As the flagship model of a new generation of vehicles, it will build on the momentum created by the success of the CX-5, and heralds a new era for Mazda.”

On the outside the new Mazda 6 is 105 mm longer than the outgoing model, this translates well on the inside giving rear passengers more comfort with a 20 mm longer seat cushion, 43mm more “knee room”, or overall legroom of 984 mm which is 37 mm more than before. The width has seen an improvement too with a shoulder room in the front of 1450 mm, a 20 mm increase.

The new Mazda 6 is expected to be on sale here in early 2013, final details on engine, specification and pricing will be released closer to that date.

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