2013 Registration plate gets a makeover

Next year your registration plate will look different, it’s getting an extra digit. In what amounts to a feeble attempt to split the sales year and also to mask the dreaded number 13 the year section will be either 131 or 132.

Whatever way you look at it there’s still a 13 printed on your plate, but for Michael Healy-Rae and others who wanted something done, it would seem their wish has been granted. Will it improve car sales? It’s doubtful. In reality it’s finance companies who dictate the biggest part of sales figures and if they’re not giving you the money in January, I’m pretty sure they’re not going to give it to you in July or August either.

It will be interesting this time next year when sales figures for the first part of the year are released, along with press releases from the people who wanted this change, telling us that this is not what they actually asked for and sales have not improved as expected.

I just hope that motor factors still charge by the letter or digit, at least someone will make some money from this.