Parking assist on Volkswagen Caddy a welcome addition for delivery drivers

Up to now park assist has been sold as a parking aid for people in private cars, but I always thought it made much more sense to develop this as an option for van drivers. A courier or other delivery drivers would surely welcome such a system.

Well, Volkswagen have added it to their option list for the Caddy, and it’s a very reasonable €643 + vat. I would argue that the cost of fitting this option is far less than repairing body damage which could be incurred without it.

How does it work?

It couldn’t be simpler to operate, the driver pushes a button to tell the system he/she intends to park, using the indicator stalk to signify which side of the road you wish to park, the system will detect a parking space of the correct size while you drive by, it can find spaces at speeds up to 40km/h.

When the sensors find a space the driver is alerted and when he/she stops at the place and selects reverse the operation begins, during the procedure the driver only needs to operate the brake and accelerator pedals, and follow instructions via sounds and the the multi-function display. The parking operation is performed at 7km/h.

An OPS (Optical Park System) also assists by showing the vehicle from above on the display, and with the aid of sensors warns how close you are to obstacles around you, making for perfect hassle free parking every time.

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