Tired drivers get a free coffee at Topaz

If you’re one of the thousands expected to block all our major routes this weekend then you’re also one of thousands who will suffer from driver fatigue. According to the RSA driver fatigue is a contributory factor in 20% of road deaths, which is an incredibly high figure.

The August weekend is statistically one of the worst for fatalities and the Gardai have warned they will be out in force in an attempt to curtail the trend. Topaz and the RSA have come together and as part of their Driver Reviver campaign Topaz are giving away free coffee in participating service stations on Friday the 3rd to any driver who feels the need to pull over for a break.

Paul Candon of Topaz says he expects to give away around 10,000 cups of coffee, but hopes their generosity will pay dividends in making our roads a little safer this weekend.

Offer is valid in any service station displaying the free coffee poster.