Kia Wins Three Design Awards in Automotive Brand Contest

Kia Has won three awards in the Automotive Brand Contest 2012. The new Kia C’eed won an award in the exterior category and received special honorary mention for its ergonomically designed interior.

The Kia GT, which was shown at Frankfurt in 2011 also picked up an award in the concept category.

Kia have broken away from that ‘neutral’ image and concentrated on good design to further their grip on the market, and with the help of chief designer Peter Schreyer, the man behind many designs including the Audi TT, Kia’s strategy is making an impact in the right places.

The Automotive Brand Contest is a new brand and design competition run by the German Design Council, the first Automotive Brand Contest was held in 2011 and Kia walked away with a number of design awards including ‘Best of Best’ award in the Brand Design category.

The awards will be officially presented to Kia on 27th of September at the Paris Motor Show.