take delivery of the first of their Fiesta fleet have taken delivery of the first of five Ford Fiesta vans. The vans will be used to deliver their flowers both locally and nationally.

Why the Fiesta van?:

The Fiesta van size and low running costs make it an obvious choice for such deliveries and according to Paul O’Sullivan regional manager for ford Ireland that’s exactly why it was chosen.

Its top class safety rating ensures the fragile flower products arrive in pristine condition

The Fiesta’s are also coming with three years free servicing, three years roadside assistance and a three year warranty reducing the running costs even more.

Martin O’Gara, General Manager of said: “Our drivers love the Fiesta Van – it is a great car to drive and with our branding on the vehicle it really is a ‘head-turner’ on the road.

Pricing and Details:

The Fiesta Van is available from €14,077 excluding delivery and other charges. See for more details