Audi offer a Sweet deal on A6 S Line

You can now buy an Audi A6 S Line from €46,100 On the Road. It’s part of Audi’s sweet deal announced by Audi brand ambassador and celebrity chef Rachel Allen. And it really is a sweet deal with a whooping saving of €4,494.

Audi S Line spec includes xenon headlights LED rear lights and 18inch 5 twin spoke alloys, S Line front and rear sports bumpers and leather / Alcantara sports seats.

Andrew Doyle, managing director of Audi Ireland commented: “We are delighted to make this S Line offer available to Irish motorists. It’s a competitive offer and one which we hope will appeal to any existing or prospective A6 customer looking for those additional sporty features such as the xenon headlights and sports bumpers.”

  • Dennis

    I commend Audi on the A6 2.0TDi 177ps S-Line priced from €46100, a truly beautiful car in the flesh and I’m sure a joy to own and drive. I would like to query or just to point out a flaw with the pricing structure of similar Audi’s.

    The A4 2.0TDi 177ps S-Line is €45790 and the A5 Sportback 2.0TDi 177ps S-Line is €48460, With only a difference of €310 between A4 & A6 why would anyone buy the A4 when clearly you get so much more car in the A6. The same could be applied to A5 Sportback which is €2360 more expensive, I know the A5 sportback is aimed at a niche market with its stylish hatch opening but again I ask myself if it mis-priced within the Audi range. I seriously think who ever is in charge of the pricing structure at Audi head-quarters needs to do some maths revision.
    Perhaps the nextgear could point this out to Audi Ireland. Thanks
    (Ps: all prices quoted include delivery by the way and all are in same vrt/vat bands)

    • Hi Dennis,
      I do see your point that the A6 and A4 are close on price, I would imagine that Audi are trying to push the new A6 very hard because that part of the market is growing. Add to that the BMW 5 series is out for awhile now and may have reached saturation point.
      Whereas the 3 Series is just out and is ready to go up against the A4. However I will pass your comment onto Audi Ireland and I’ll ask them for a comment.



      • Dennis

        Hi Bob,

        Thanks for reply. I see your point on Audi trying to push hard of sale price of the A6, its a very good car.

        I made a mistake there saying the A4 and A5 Sportback are in same vrt bands as the A6. In fact they are both in a vrt band A at 16% due to recent engine upgrades few a months back, CO2 emissions are 120g/Km now for the 177ps engine. The A6 177ps has CO2 emissions of 129g/Km leaving it in vrt band B at 20%. Basically this strengthens my query as to why only €310 in the difference between A4 and A6. It doesn’t make sense to me. I’d love to hear Audi’s view on it,

        Thanks – Dennis

    • Hi Denis, here’s the response from Mark McGrath of Audi Ireland

      first look at the figures when you compare like for like engines, it is
      clear that the S Line prices for those engines (2.0TDI 177) are grouped
      quite close. The reality is that on A4 we sell mostly (75%+) 2.0TDI 120
      models in Standard, SE and S Line trim priced between €34,800 and
      €39,000. This is by far and away our most popular variant and prices for
      the 2.0TDI 120 start at €34,800. S Line is available on A4 from €39,020
      compared to €46,100 on A6. In Ireland A4 is massively successful and we have led the premium B Segment every year since the 8th
      generation was launched in Ireland in early 2008. We have sold over 850
      A4 models so far year to date and command almost 47% of the premium B
      Segment we compete in. The situation is similar for A5 Sportback, we
      sell S Line in mostly the 2.0TDI 136 and 143 engines and this is where
      the majority of our mix lies. For
      A6 we took the decision in May this year to lower our A6 S Line premium
      to €2,100 because we feel S Line particularly resonates with A6 buyers.
      More and more buyers (over 30% this year) are attracted to the car by
      the stunning exterior looks that S Line provides. We are on our way to
      definitely our second best year ever (after 952 in 2007) with A6 in
      Ireland and possibly our best ever (in a market down almost 80,000 cars
      vs. that year), so we hope these figures prove we have chosen the right
      strategy with regards to our pricing. We feel offering customers real
      value for money in terms of customer savings through high value packages
      represents a better long term tactic than through discounting. We
      constantly review our pricing and competitive offer and of course will
      investigate any such pricing anomalies that we might identify throughout
      the course of our on-going reviews.


      Mark McGrath

      Product Manager Audi Ireland”