Volkswagen Golf Blue-e-Motion to attend ESB’s Electric Vehicle Summit

On July 11th the ESB ecar’s Fully Charged 2012 International EV Summit will take place at The National Convention Centre, Dublin and the Golf Blue-e-Motion will be in attendance on it’s first ever visit to Ireland.

The Fully Charged 2012 EV summit is set to have a panel of high profile speakers providing insight and information on the progression and the future of electric vehicles. As well as information on the use of EV’s there will be a number of electric vehicles on show at the event, including the soon to be introduced Golf-E-motion.

Volkswagen will enter the Irish electric vehicle market at the end of 2013 and the popular Golf in electric form is expected to be a strong contender against the likes of the LEAF and the Renault EV range which are already established sellers. But I wouldn’t underestimate the Blue-e-motion Golf, it may be late to market but VW have been working on EV’s behind the scenes for quite a long time and never ones to release engineering that doesn’t work means this new Blue-e-motion could be the EV to gain consumer confidence.

Paul Mulvaney, Managing Director ESB ecars said: We are delighted to be able to showcase the Golf Blue-e-Motion for the first time in Ireland at our Fully Charged event. Models such as the Golf and automotive brands such as Volkswagen will play a crucial role in endorsing electric vehicle technology and in providing the motorist with the encouragement and confidence to adopt this innovative and green technology

The Golf Blue-e-Motion roadshow will be visiting a number of selected dealerships in Dublin following the Fully Charged event, see their facebook page to see where it is,

Or on twitter, @VolkswagenIE or their website