Local deliveries get some style: The MINI Clubvan

MINI have come up with a very stylish take on the humble delivery van, it’s a throwback to the 60’s when the original Mini Van could be seen outside your local butcher or baker, used for around town deliveries they were perfect. Perfect in size and economy.

By the looks of it the new MINI Clubvan won’t disappoint either, it sticks to old values and adds some new ones of its own. Like the very economical Diesel which is sure to be popular with an economy conscious 3.9 litres/100 km (72.4 mpg). Rear load space is flat and accessible with a total of 860 litres of load space. If you get your tape out that equates to 115 centimetres long and narrowest width just behind the rear doors is 102 centimetres and a maximum payload of 500kg.

In all there will be three models available, the 72 kW/98 hp MINI One Clubvan, the 90 kW/122 MINI Cooper Clubvan and the 82 kW/112 hp MINI Cooper D Clubvan.

It makes its debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, first production is expected in September with a showroom time of autumn 2012. Prices in Ireland are expected to start from €17,140, more pricing will be available closer to launch.

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