Ford’s designed Door Edge Protector

Ford have come up with an idea to stop those annoying and often costly scuff marks or chips appearing on the edge of your car doors. An Automatic Door Edge Protector. It will be available from September when it makes its debut on the new Focus ST.

The Door Edge Protector which was designed inhouse by Ford engineers in Cologne, Germany, moves into its protective position in a fraction of a second when the door is opened, if the opening gap is less than 150mm it fully extends for maximum protection. It retracts in 60 milliseconds allowing for door slamming or quick exits.

The idea for the Door Protector came about from a Ford conducted study where they found seventy-two per cent of car owners across France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK have damage to their vehicle doors.

Car owners in Spain are the most likely to suffer damage to their car doors, Ford research suggests, with 83 per cent reporting scuffs. And even though car-owning families in the UK are statistically the most careful, 53 per cent confess to having scratched or dented their car doors

The unit comprises of a hard wearing rubber compound which under testing was able to withstand thousands of door banging incidents before needing replacement, but even if it does wear out Ford say its a simple clip on replacement. I think if you’re wearing this item out you need to have a look at where you’re parking or work out why your passengers are so angry.

While I doubt there were gasps of “why didn’t I think of that” it is a pretty decent idea. There’s little worse than chips and scuffs down the side of a door and if you’ve ever gone to the body shop for a quote, you know they are shockingly expensive to have repaired.

Ford’s new Door Edge Protector is an excellent innovation for preventing these annoying dents and scratches. Any system that can reduce the risk of damage to your own or someone else’s vehicle is worthy of recognition, but one that operates so effectively without affecting the looks or performance is particularly noteworthy