Citroën steps up its strategy for international growth with two new models

The 28th of June will see Citroen launch two new models into the ever growing Chinese market. Following the lead of brands such as BMW, General Motors and Volkswagen among others who are experiencing sales successes in China, Citroën are hoping to mimic this in a an effort to enhance its global sales figure.

The compact saloon market has been confirmed as the most popular sector worldwide with 20 million sales last year, in China they accounted for 79% of new car sales. Citroën believe their two new models, the Citroën C-Elysée and Citroën C4 L (a lounge version of the C4) along with the DS range fits the bill and will ensure the brand is a serious contender in one of the few growing markets.

Eventually these cars will be produced in Shenzhen under CAPSA a Chang’an PSA joint venture.