Emission conscious Global Taxis choose Skoda

Global Taxis, one of Irelands largest Taxi companies has announced the acquisition of 110 Škoda Octavias. The new fleet is expected to not only lower running costs but cut down dramatically on emissions, in a sample study (below) CO2 emissions will be reduced by up to 42g/km per vehicle from the existing fleet.

Noel Ebbs, Managing Director added; “A by-product of fuel economy is reduced emissions and our new fleet reduces our carbon footprint by nearly 20% compared to the outgoing models. All in all our drivers will provide superior service, save a fortune on fuel while being kinder to the environment”

With lower emissions comes better fuel consumption and in a business where margins are tight a saving of just over 1.5 litres per 100km means a better bottom line, Ray Ebbs from Global Taxis said “We are delighted on a number of levels, firstly our new Octavia fleet will greatly improve the service we provide to our customers and secondly from a financial perspective savings achieved due to superior fuel economy from the Škoda Octavia will amount to nearly €1,400 per car per year or an incredible €158,000 for the entire fleet!”

Zac Hollis, Brand Director, Škoda Ireland said

We are delighted Global Taxis have chosen the Škoda Octavia to replace their existing fleet. It is testament to the quality and value of the Škoda brand when Ireland’s largest taxi fleet operator selects Škoda over any other competitor to front their taxi fleet. This year Global Taxis is celebrating 25-years in business, we wish Ray, Noel and all at Global Taxis the very best for the future with our continued support


New fleet Sample of Existing fleet
2012 Octavia 1.6TDI 2005 Avensus 2.0D
Average Fuel Economy 4.5l/100km 6.1l/100km
Average Annual KM 60,000km 60,000km
Fuel Cost basis €1.55/l €1.55/l
Average Annual fuel cost €4,185 €5,673
Model CO2 119g/km 161g/km