SIMI Elect new president at 44th AGM

Alan Lyons has been elected President of the Society of the Irish Motor Industry. Speaking about the difficulties in the aftermarket sector at their AGM in Croke Park he said,

There is a double blow when new car sales fall, not only does car sales’ activity reduce but there are fewer cars to service and repair. Allied to this is a flourishing black market, which always occurs when incomes fall and the Motor Industry is a prime example of that

Remarking on the recent launch of the SIMI APR (Autosure Professional Register) he said SIMI member garages need to get back to basics, they have the highest qualified technicians in the industry and can provide the highest quality service to the public.

The SIMI APR is a car service initiative aimed at showing the public that value for money when it comes to car servicing is not always about price, read more here.