Peugeots new naming strategy keeps it the same

Peugeot have decided to keep all model numbers the same throughout their range even when a facelift or renewal of that model occurs. From now all models which have the number 8 as their generation number will be given that number permanently, meaning the 508 segment will always be known as the 508.

The new strategy will bring to an end their model numbering system which has been used since 1929 and was fairly easy to follow, with the first number giving the model size and last the generation. In recent times we saw variations of that system most notably an extra 0 in the middle denoting a high structure or MPV type vehicle.

Newly introduced models will have the number 1 as its ending number, such as the newly announced 301 which is a four door saloon destined for Central / Eastern Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Greece, Middle East, Gulf, African States and Latin American markets, and due to be shown at the Paris Motor Show in September.

It will be interesting to see if it causes confusion for second hand sales in a few years, I foresee a classifieds section full of 508 MK1’s or Series 1’s or whatever catches on.