SIMI Launch car service awareness initiative

According to the SIMI a lot of drivers are not getting their cars serviced unless they see something wrong or even worse when it finally breaks down. Launching a new car servicing initiative, Autosure Professional Register (SIMI APR), president of the SIMI Gerry Caffery said,

It is understandable that people are looking to save money where they can. It may seem like an unnecessary spend when money is tight but regular car servicing will save you money in the long term.

He went on to say,

There has been a big increase in untrained and illegal operators at the fringes of our Industry offering to service cars. While it may seem like a bargain at the time, often the work carried out by such operators is to a poor standard, which could leave a car in dangerous condition and the owner out of pocket when something goes wrong with their car.

Certainly one of the problems we face when it comes to getting our car serviced is cost, there isn’t a set price list and we don’t know what we’re getting for our money. With the SIMI APR there is a more open attitude from the workshop to customer with a “What’s quoted is what’s charged” policy, and you will get a phone call prior to any extra work being carried out so no nasty surprises. All the old parts will be kept if you wish to see what you’re getting for your money.

Operating under a strict code of ethics already set down by the SIMI you can be reassured that a qualified technician will work on your car. Cars serviced in member garages receive a completion sticker and can have its service details added to a national database, with your permission, giving you an approved and recognised service record at time of trade in or sale. Download a fully detailed leaflet here.

Noel Brett from the RSA welcomed the scheme saying,

the RSA fully welcomes the SIMI APR scheme which will help motorists understand why getting their annual service is so important, not only from an economical point of view but from a road safety aspect. Badly worn tyres and brakes can make a car a lethal weapon and when you consider the consequences of some car crashes, simple maintenance and regular servicing is absolutely necessary.

Outline of what’s expected of participating garages,

  • 1. Only allow qualified staff to work on a vehicle.
  • 2. Keep all old parts that are replaced and educate the customer as to what work was completed.
  • 3. What is quoted is what is charged. There will be no increase from the quote unless additional work is identified and authorised by you.
  • 4. Log the service record on the National Service Database (with your permission).
  • 5. Each garage should be involved in promoting the scheme.
  • 6. Offer real value when it comes to trading in a vehicle that has a service history.
  • 7. Each garage should carry out a service to the standard recommended by the Manufacturer.
  • 8. Use only original parts or parts of matching quality.