Fords new fuel system could save on embarrassment at the pumps

Ford have devised a new fuel system to stop you putting the wrong fuel in your tank but I believe more importantly stops others helping themselves to your full tank.

According to a report by AA Ireland, 10% of motorists have put the wrong fuel in their tank and with the price of fuel constantly on the rise it’s a costly mistake. Ford are now fitting this new system to The Fiesta, Focus and Mondeo giving Ford owners peace of mind when filling up.

It has quite a simple operation, when the correct sized fuel nozzle for your fuel type is inserted a flap will be pushed open allowing fuel in, if it’s the incorrect size it doesn’t open, simple really.

There is no mention of what happens if you run out of fuel and have to fill from a can, probably best to keep an eye on the guage rather than test that one.