• Mark Formby

    Hi Bob, Hope you’re feeling better soon.

    Very interested to hear any news about the Renault Fluence ZE. I think this could be the car from me, which is odd because after all the trouble I’ve had with my Clio 172 over 11 years of ownership I was reluctant to consider buying another Renault. But the Fluence with its potential for battery swapping is very attractive. Also, it would appear that its purchase price will be significantly lower than the Nissan Leaf and, while there will be a battery lease cost at some point, for salary packaging purposes it will make much more sense financially.

    I think that electric cars have enormous potential, but the battery range isn’t quite there yet. For Australian conditions, the ideal would be a range of 250km. While a lot of driving is in the cities, Australians do tend to go on the open road and the drive from Sydney to Melbourne (about 900 km) is not unusual. 250k range would nicely match 2 or so hours of freeway driving which is the recommended interval between taking rest stops. Nonetheless, if we get the battery exchange infrastructure up, long-distance driving in the Fluence ZE would be not much different from doing the same journey in a conventional vehicle.

    • Bob Flavin

      Hi Mark,

      I’m sure we’ll see more improvement in range as the take up of EV’s gets stronger. I do think that it’s aerodynamics that will play the biggest part in range, I’m not sure how much further the current set of batteries will take the car.

      Cheers for the comment,