C-Max technology making family life a whole lot easier

By Philip Hedderman

Ford is the gift that just keeps giving.

Last week we took the C-Max Titanium out for a spin not expecting to find any hidden treasures.

Let’s face it, the Focus-based MPV is already heaving with technological delights like Active Park Assist – which parallel parks the car for you.

Now we’d experienced this type of gadgetry before but not an the affordable price of just €795.

So you can imagine our excitement when we discovered that this offering is absolute heaven for stressed-out mums and dads everywhere.

Sheer BLIS (if you’ll excuse the pun) or Blind Spot Information System to be precise.

This is the clever use of sensors around the C-Max to alert the driver should a car, van or truck enter your blind spot

It makes the art of ditching at the school gate a whole lot safer not to mention a Guardian Angel on the motorway.

An an amber light is illuminated in the wing mirror to highlight the potential danger you otherwise wouldn’t see.

This option won’t break the bank either at slightly more than the price of metallic paint of €870 – a fraction of the body shop bill should you get side swiped.

Now, if that wasn’t enough to tantalise then this family bus  had one final secret weapon which will really earn its keep.

A gadget that takes the pain out of shopping – especially when you are bogged down with bags while wrestling a couple of kids.

The Power Operated Tailgate will prove a Godsend and you’ll wonder how managed in the past without it.

Unlike sat nav, will be used more than once and could prove a selling point in the future.

The mere flick of a switch on the centre console or a double press of a button on the key fob and the rear door opens and closes effortlessly.

And for safety, sensors built into the tailgate can detect obstacles above (like garage door) or protruding items on the floor preventing the boot locking – avoiding injury or damage.

This is called the Convenience Pack at €510 and it comes with integrated rear door sunblinds – again, another must for young families.

Prices for the C-Max start at €25,011.