Ford holds a webinar about the new B-Max


Bob Flavin


I find it easy to settle into a new way of doing things; lots of people aren’t so good at these sorts of things. There are huge parts of all industries that would rather not change how things are done, even if the change will make things better.
This morning Ford gathered people from all over the world to watch a live stream from the actual designers of the new Ford B-Max. This allowed them to tell us all the useful design features of the car and to explain the ethos behind the design. It also means I get to ask them questions directly, whereas we usually only get to question the lovely marketing people. The webinar gives us access to the people who make the decisions.


The B-Max does have an Aston Martin look around the front, the big broad grill and wrap around headlights make it look a lot bigger than it is. Remember this is a smaller car than the C-Max.


There are sliding rear doors but crucially, there are no b-pillars which is the pillar that separates the front doors from the back doors. The lack of this pillar in the B-Max means that getting in the back or the front is very easy.  We have seen this idea from Opel last year with the doors that open backwards on the Meriva, Ford have put sliding doors on the rear which is a much better idea because the door can be bigger but in a tight parking space you don’t have to worry about how close you are to the car next to you.


Of course you can fold the seats flat in the rear which turns it into a van with sliding doors. Normally you’ll have 326ltrs of boot space with all five seats in place but, if you fold them you’ll end up with 1293ltrs leaving you with two seats.


There’s no getting away from the fact that it looks like a small van that said, Stefan Lamm who is the Exterior Design Director for Ford Europe has done a great job keeping the Ford sporty look to the exterior. I’ll be looking forward to seeing it in the metal because at the moment all we’ve seen is the pictures and often the car looks very different when you’re looking at it.


Darren Palmer who is the Director of Product Development for Ford Europe told us that the entry into the car is the big unique feature of the B-Max and I can see why, the way the doors open would suit my family for lifting in the small ones. This car will also have the new 1ltr Ecoboost engine that Ford has developed.


It seems like the B-Max is going to be a very important release for Ford this year, we will see it for the first time at theGenevamotorshow later this year, and it will go on sale this year too.


More details as we get them.