• stephen

    Opening shot introducing you- bit dark- perhaps next time, face the early winter Sun? Hard to see the car or you!
    Whats the difference really between a Freelander in size and a Evogue as the first ‘small rover’. Range Rovers have had 4×4 decent control for ages- whats the difference between that and what the Evogue has now. Also the Evogue is to be sold as a 2WD which will sell more here (like an Quasqui has done here) so offroad is not a given for this apart from road clearance , sump guards and bigger tyres.
    Again music while you are still talking towards the end, nice music but perhaps keep them for the car shots?

  • Stephen

    This video cannot be watched in Germany, where I am, any particular reason? looks like a copyright issue, given my poor german.
    Would be really interested in bob’s take on the evoque, can you help?

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