What is the future of cars?

An annual survey from consultancy firm KPMG has brought to light the potential future of the car industry. They have released a statement saying that, “the world is moving from car ownership to car usership.” This highlights the fact that society is changing and that car manufacturers must change with it if they want to stay afloat. There are many changing demands that can be expected from car users in the near future, one being internet availability. KPMG warns that as people become accustomed to having instant access to the web at home, at the office and now increasingly on trains, they will expect this to transfer to their vehicles. Car manufacturers will have to listen to these demands, otherwise they will fall behind others who do.

As well as internet availability, KPMG predicts that car users will start to want the car to do the driving as well. They are likely to begin to think that as long as they have a car, have it insured with someone like RAC and know where they want to go, they should not have to do any more work during their journey. Users will want to talk to friends on video links and surf the internet, while the car does the driving for them.

As cities grow in size, people will also no longer be as keen to own vehicles as they once were. They will prefer to use facilities such as car sharing and taxi services. KPMG says that driverless taxi services may become a necessity, as well as satellite navigation guides and parking availability programs. It will no longer be enough for car manufacturers to work on their own. They will need to collaborate with technology companies so that they can offer their customers the best in technology and connectivity as well as vehicle performance.