FIAT 500 and J-Lo Share the Limelight


The FIAT 500C shared the stage with Jennifer Lopez at the 2011 American Music Awards last night (November 20th). The FIAT 500C’s on-stage appearance was part of a new, national, advertising campaign featuring the FIAT 500 and Jennifer Lopez, which has just been launched in the U.S.

The first TV commercial, titled ‘My World,’ features Lopez’s song ‘Until It Beats No More,’ from the artist’s new album ‘Love?’ (Island Def Jam). The 30- and 60-second spots are also voiced-over by Lopez, who is seen behind the wheel of a FIAT 500C as she travels from Manhattan back to the Bronx where she grew up.

The commercial aims to highlight just how far Lopez’s drive and determination has taken her in life, echoing the theme of the FIAT USA tagline: ‘Life is Best When Driven.’

The FIAT 500C shares the screen with Lopez as the two zip around against the cool urban backdrop of New York City and it will also appear in Lopez’s new music video “Papi” as part of a wider collaboration with one of the most powerful celebrities in entertainment.