The Renault ZE range officially launches in Ireland


Last Friday night Renault Ireland officially launched the Zero Emissions range of cars for the Irish market. Renault have been going full steam ahead with the plans to have us thinking electric by 2012, there are 4 vehicles to choose from and Renault hope to have 1000 of them out to customers next year.

We are already familiar with the Fluence model of car on the Irish roads, very soon you’ll see the electric version take to the roads too, there have been huge preparations for getting the fleet of cars out there including hiring 8 electric ambassadors who specialise in helping customers decide if an electric car will suit their needs.

The Kangoo commercial is also getting the electric treatment, these vans will suit the smart delivery and service fleet out there because of the rising cost of Diesel at the pumps there might be some tough choices out there for the commercial sector so it makes sense that the electric van might be useful for city driving.

Renault are the only manufacturer to bring us a whole range of cars, there are 2 more in the fleet. The Twizzy isn’t really a car but a Quadra cycle, that’s to say it’s a motorbike with a roof and four wheels. It’s unique and quirky which is exactly what I’d expect from Renault, its due here the middle of next year.

The final car to come will be the Zoe, Renault are playing this one close to the chest. It’s around the size of a Clio but my sources tell me that it might break the 200km range barrier. That would make it perfect for the Irish market because 70% of us travel less than 60kms per day in our cars, as nothing inIrelandis much further than 200k’s away electric might be the way to go.

Irelandis at the forefront of the electric revolution inEurope, we have the most highly trained staff and the latest equipment to deal with anything that might come. You can be sure that Renault will press ahead with the rest of the plans because there are some 2000 staff working solely on electric technology within the Renault group added to that the amount of time and money already spent on getting everything ready and I have no doubt that we’ll see a lot of EV Renault’s on the road between 2012 and 2013.

As always you can expect a full test of the range from us as soon as it becomes available, until then you can see how we got on testing the Fluence ZE here.


If you would like more information on the ZE range right here


The future might just be electric after all.