How to beat the Airline baggage restrictions, JakToGo

There are times when I’m asked to test car related equipment like Sat Nav devices or apps that help you with travel but it came as a surprise when I was asked to test a bag.

It’s no ordinary bag because it doubles as a jacket.

It’s called the JakToGo and it might just be the best thing ever invented for air travel since they started putting wheels on suitcases.

I had to go to the UK last weekend and I thought I’d put the JakToGo to the test so I packed all normal stuff I bring into my normal hand luggage including my camera and laptop and I put some extra clothes and bits into the JakToGo. Normally this would mean that I have too much for cabin baggage because there are two bags and men don’t get away with a hand bag.

Sure enough I rocked up to the doors of the flight and the attendant scowled and told me that I had too much baggage and I’d have to check in one of them.

I told her that one of them was my jacket and that’s when she made me put it on.

Let’s be straight here, the JakToGo isn’t a fashion statement, if fact the fashion police would beat you with a stick for wearing it; it’s a bag that you can wear and that means everyone in the queue behind me were sniggering because the now Jacket was about a foot wide due to the jeans tucked into the back.

The sniggering soon stopped when the flight attendant told me to get on to the flight. There was no charge for the extra baggage; I still only had one piece of hand luggage. After I got onto the plane I realised that I had to stow the Jacket or turn it back into a bag, while it’s simple to turn it into the Jacket, reversing the process is another matter altogether. You need to lay it out flat on the floor to be able to make all the straps fit so it’s a bit fiddly at first but you do get used to it. Doing in the aisle of a plane was going to cause a traffic jam.

I didn’t bother; I just tucked it into the overhead compartment and sat down.

For years certain airlines have been ripping us off when it comes to baggage, the JakToGo evens the playing field. Now you can carry two full bags onto the plane with you and all you have to suffer is €59.96 price tag and the slight embarrassment of looking like a blimp for a couple of minutes.
There is that smug feeling of the little man winning against the might of the big boys and it’s all down to the next big thing in Airline travel the JakToGo.

Head over to where you can find out how to order yours.