Customers can extend warranty by choosing an approved Ford service centre for annual servicing

Cork, 25 October 2011 – Ford Ireland has announced that it is to introduce in 2012, a new extended warranty provision for its customers.

Under the terms of the new arrangement, Ford owners who choose to have their annual service at a Ford dealer will automatically receive the offer of a one year warranty on their car. For customers who have bought a new Ford and who have their car serviced at an approved Ford service centre, once their two year warranty has elapsed, they will automatically be offered a warranty for an additional year covering vital components on the car. Provided they continue to have the car serviced by a Ford dealer, the warranty can be renewed each year up to a maximum of five years following the lapse of the original two year warranty.

“Customer service that delivers real customer satisfaction is hugely important for us in Ford that is why we are introducing these new service warranty arrangements”, said Eddie Murphy, Chairman and Managing Director of Ford Ireland. “Customers can rest assured that their car is being serviced to the highest standards by highly skilled technicians who have been specifically trained to keep their Ford car in peak condition, and then for a small fee, they will have the peace of mind of the extended warranty”.

The new service warranty offer will be available to both, customers who have bought new cars from Ford, and Ford owners who bought their cars second-hand, provided the car in question is less than seven years old.

The new extended warranty provision will be introduced in 2012 and more complete details on the terms and conditions will be announced at that time.