The Opel Zafira is flexing

There’s a new Zafira on the way from Opel, this is the third generation since 1999 and it’s the nicest looking of them all; although that wouldn’t be hard as the rest of them look like fridges.
The new one is all about flexibility, there’s all sorts of ways to loose your phone in the cabin now; along with all sorts of cubby holes to put stuff in.
The third row of seats are very flexible; seemingly. The second row has a lounge seating system. There’s over 30 storage spaces in the cabin.

The reason for being obscure on the true details is that we haven’t driven the car yet and all the above is from a press release, actually we haven’t driven any Opel’s this year and we are beginning to think they might be a bit nervous about what we’ll say.
Anyway, the Zafira will be here next year and we’ll try to test it….maybe.