The Ford Mondeo estate, maturing well

Tested by Phil Hedderman

They just can’t help themselves … spivs that is.

The tangerine marketing ‘guys’ see it as their job to take a tried and tested product and sprinkle their ‘magic dust ‘all over it.

One of their favourites is re-labelling models like the estate.
You see, the E word is far too down market, too working class if you like.
Sports Tourer sits much more comfortably for a good ‘ol work horse like this.
Ah yes, you’re more likely to see a brochure with a Californian dude loading his surf board in the boot than a shop keeper or stressed out parent with a scatter of kids ferrying all the necessary to and fro.
But it’s the small trader and biggish families who actually shell out and buy a wagon like this.

Because it does exactly what it says on the tin.

Er, Hello!!!!!!
Now, I could name the offenders, but I don’t need to.
You know who you are – Lexus, Saab, BMW.
Ford on the other hand have always been refreshingly honest.
They call a spade a spade and have resisted the temptation to faff around with one of their biggest sellers.

It may have had a mid-life face lift recently and had its engine line-up re-engineered to make them greener and more efficient, but it is still called the Mondeo Estate.
The honest to goodness friend to a generation of workers across the career spectrum.
It’s the versatility of the estate which makes them so popular.
Police forces across Britain use the Mondeo Estate in their traffic corps such is the load lugging capacity.

Here in Dublin advanced paramedics from the fire brigade swear by them because they are quicker and more agile than ambulances.
Some would say that the gargantuan 1,750 litres of space between the driver and the tailgate is the reason for its success.

I’d disagree.

It’s a combination of space, drive and technology.
Like a fine wine Mondeo just gets better with age.

Ford have taken the luxury mantle to their fleet leader and have made it more executive than the traditional marques associated with that label.
Build quality is second to none and the recent refresh sees the interior upgraded with LED lighting complimenting the simple, uncluttered centre console.
Outside a the bonnet gets re profiled with a lower slung grille illuminated by sexy new daytime LED running lights.

But as all Mondeo fans will tell you the drive is what maketh the car.
Like the brilliant Focus, the bigger brother has the driveability factor in spades.
Sharp, decisive steering coupled with superior suspension means this big bus is as comfortably cruising on a motorway as it is savaging corner after corner on country boreens.
Throw in the 1.6 litre 115ps, ECO diesel powerplant and you’ve pretty much got it all.
With emissions down to 114g/km (putting it in Tax Band A and with annual duty of €104) while returning 45-50mpg it ticks the frugal box at the top of your must-have page.
There is more than enough poke to deal with almost every situation you’re likely to encounter – bar drag racing.

Standard kit is pretty generous and includes alloys, air con, heated windscreen, electric driver’s seat, Bluetooth with voice control, on-board computer and alarm.
It’s dripping with safety gadgets too with seven airbags including knee, ESP (Electronic Stability Programme), traction control and Emergency Brake Assist.
So what’s the downside?

Well, there’s the price which starts at €28,095 you could save yourself €5k if you were willing to compromise on space and opt for the the equally brilliant Focus estate for which starts at €22,775.