The Range Rover Evoque Irish launch test drive

Yes folks we do get to go the cool gigs too. Range Rover Ireland kindly invited us along to the Irish launch of the all new Evoque, while we were there we made a video and took some pictures.

See how we got on right here.

  • stephen

    What was the point of driving just on the m50 for most of the vid? If I was doing it I would have :
    Done and vid while the car was stopped and gone over the features, space in the back etc
    Found a Range Rover driver (ideally sport or late disco) and ask them what they thought (ideally after a few mins in the drivers seat or as a passenger)
    Liked to have known what was on offer in Ireland. Was it noisy, whats it like to park, whats the boot space like (fit a few golf bags and a pushchair). Ask some kids is it easy to get into and whats the view.
    Perhaps an interview outside a posh primary school with supermums (who drive these in droves). Is it noisy, whats it like to overtake, is it easy to get the ipod/iphone etc to hook up and work without a manual. Whats the competition etc. I know its not a full car test but I did not get much of an impression other than it had big wing mirrors, it might be OK in the back and it has a big screen!

    • Bob Flavin

      Hi Stephen,
      Thanks for watching the video. As you can imagine we only had a press drive to film the car which is generally only about an hour so it’s hard to fit everything into one video. In the hour that we get with the car we had to get pictures and video footage before we get it on the road.
      Once we get the car for a full test we intend to cover all the aspects of the car in detail including the 4×4 aspects of the car.
      We do try to cover as much as possible in the press drives day but time is very tight