• stephen

    Hi Bob,

    The reason for no footrest is that most cars bought at this level are bought with an automatic gearbox so no need for a foot rest.

    • Bob Flavin

      Hi Stephen, thanks for your visit today.
      Even in a automatic version I still like somewhere to put my foot rather than just flat on the floor. It doesn’t put me off the car, just a minor niggle.

  • Gar O’Neill

    Always liked them. Had a 2 litre turbo and it had the best seats and stereo I’ve ever experienced. Quick enough too. But it did feel flimsy alongside a 3 series and despite the best efforts of their marketing dept Volvo still doesn’t have the cache of BMW or AUDI. The new one looks like it might make some inroads into the Germans sales but I have to agree. The lack of a footrest is a silly ommission.